Autak e.V.

Schedule of contributions

On the basis of § 9 No. 4 of the Statutes of Autak e.V., the General Assembly decided on the following membership fee regulations at its meeting on 05.05.2021 in Aachen. The amount of the membership fee depends on the type of membership. The membership fee is due every semester on 01.04. and 1.10. respectively. Upon acceptance as a paying member, the membership fee is due immediately and in full.


  • 1 Principle

These contribution regulations are not part of the Articles of Association. They regulate the contribution obligations of the members as well as the fees and apportionments. It can only be changed by the general meeting of the association.

In the event of an increase in contributions, paying members have the option of immediate cancellation.


  • 2 Contributions



Contributions per semester

Active members

20 Euro (Reduced* 10 Euro)


For a maximum of 1 semester

No voting rights

Free of charge

Passive members

No voting rights

10 Euro

Honorary membership

For representation of the association;

No voting rights

Free of charge


No voting rights


  • 3 Additional
  1. The Board of Directors is authorized to defer, reduce or waive dues upon request. There is no legal entitlement to payment by installments and / or deferral of the dues debt.

  2. The membership status existing on the due date shall be decisive for the amount of the contribution.

  3. Only active members can hold offices in the association.