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An interdisciplinary team from RWTH & FH Aachen.


Gernot Sümmermann


#Maschi #creativity #noSleep

Always with us, pitching us around the world and bringing us forward with his network. 

Manuel Wessely

1st Chairman

#ComputerScientist #Redhair #Confidant 

For Manu,  as a motivated computer scientist, the 10 finger system is a cinch. In addition, he stands up for his fellow men.

Dr. Thomas Hönig

#physicist #movie connoisseur #alwaysforreinenda

He is like a father to one or the other. Every meeting Thomas supports with helpful objections.

Abhishek Ganesh


Brilliant mind known throughout the RWTH....

Amol Kodange


Brilliant mind known throughout the RWTH....

Nitish Aggarwal

Leoni Kaever

Niklas Degener 

2nd Chairman

Patricia Fritze

Felix Reuter

#Electrical engineering #Flachwitzmeister #Willing to help
Want to learn about alternating current, you'll get a load of humor right along with Felix.

Subhangee Sahoo


Brilliant mind known throughout the RWTH....

Aditi Mishra


Brilliant mind known throughout the RWTH....

Florian Ernst


René Rosenthal

#mechanic #workshop #tinkerer
You want to know how to operate a CNC mill or develop a product, then René is behind you.

Nikolas Roessler

#BWL_and_Maschi #application_hero #figures

When it comes to applications, Niko is our man! On top of that, he juggles our finances.

Ece Angun

#practicalthinking #problem solver #creative


Michael Heinrichs

#Electrical Engineering #ProgrammerBomb #Realist

Technical understanding with a sure touch, because faster than you can look, Michael has coded something.

Julia Kampmann

#Medical_affinity #Motivated #Early_practice_which_will_be_a_meisterOur youngest team member is enthusiastically involved and is certainly up for a chat at trade fairs.

Simon Kumar

Madlen Merklinger

Chenyan Feng

#electrical engineering #bookworm
A smart person who is very well read. With her knowledge and cultural travel experience, she wants to make a difference.

Juliane Schlierkamp

#production technology #SuperSmart #Allrounder

In our team with full power behind the organization and can contribute new ideas to any topic.

Neslihan Altinel

#Industrial #Arranged #Solution-oriented

Neslihan's life motto: Don't just meet expectations, exceed them. - Combining quality and quantity.

Fiona Hönig

#economy #marketing #engagement 'sustainabilityIf you look at our postings, Fiona had her fingers in the game. She also loves to network with others.

Marcel Wettlaufer

#Economy_eng #Constructor #Machine_KnowHow

With a lot of perseverance Marcel manages to combine theory and practice. Constructions are from his hand.

Harshita Gupta


Prof. Dr. Kampker


Founder of Streetscooter

Mirco Bolten


Supports us in the EXIST application

Raul Krauthausen

Helped evaluate the initial concepts

Mark Brandt

Supports us with his experience


Supported us with his experience

Dr. Tanja Römbke

Supported us with their experience

David Moser

Supported us with his experience

Horst Boltersdorf

Supports us with his ideas

Kathy Mulders

Active mentor

Helps with strategic planning


Active mentor

Helps in strategic execution

David Lebhuser

Participated with us in UpdateDeutschland

Lisa Schmidt

Helped updateGermany prototype

Zacharias Wittmann

Participated with us in UpdateDeutschland

Christian Bayerlein

Supported us with his experience

Lukas J. G. Seidel

Participated with us in UpdateDeutschland

Martin Westhoff

Supported us with his experience

You want to improve the world with us?

There is never enough expertise in the team, so get in touch if you are interested. We are looking forward to your contact, because only together we can achieve something!