Autak e.V.

Articles of association for Autak

  • 1 Name and seat of the association

(1) The name of the association is: Autak

It shall be entered in the register of associations and after registration shall receive the legal form suffix e.V..

(2) The registered office of the Association is Aachen.

  • 2 Fiscal Year

The business year is the calendar year.

  • 3 Purpose of the Association
  1. The Association exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes within the meaning of the section "Tax-privileged purposes" of the German Tax Code.

  2. The purpose of the association is

    1. the promotion of science and research

    2. the promotion of civic engagement for the benefit of charitable and benevolent purposes;

    3. the promotion of public health and public health care;

    4. the promotion of education, popular education and vocational training, including student aid.

  3. The purpose of the statutes is realized in particular through

    1. Awareness projects;;

    2. Development of software and hardware;

    3. Scientific events, research projects and the awarding of research contracts.

  • 4 Non-profit status
  1. The association is selflessly active; it does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes.

  2. Funds of the Association may only be used for the purposes set forth in the Articles of Association. In their capacity as members, the members shall not receive any benefits from the Association's funds.

  3. No person may benefit from expenditures that are alien to the purpose of the corporation or from disproportionately high remuneration.

  • 5 Membership
  1. Any person who is willing to promote the purposes of the Association may become a member. In the case of minors, the application for membership must be submitted by their legal representatives.

  2. The admission of a member takes place on written application by the executive committee or by the meeting of the members.

  3. The resignation of a member can be declared in writing to the board with a notice period of 4 weeks.

  4. Members of the association who do not fulfill their obligations or otherwise violate the interests of the association can be excluded by the board. An appeal against the exclusion can be made in writing within 2 weeks, stating the reasons. The board must then submit this appeal to the general meeting for a final decision.

  5. Upon termination of membership, all claims arising from the membership relationship shall expire. A refund of contributions or donations is excluded.

  6. Only active members have a right to vote. Transfer of voting rights to other members with voting rights is possible and requires the (digital) written form.

  • 6 Membership fees

Dues are levied from the members every semester. The amount of the respective membership fee is determined by the fee regulations.

  • 7 Organs

The organs of the association are the board of directors and the general meeting.

  • 8 Board of Directors
  1. The Board of Directors consists of

    1. the chairperson and his/her deputy

    2. the treasurer

    3. the clerk
    4. up to three assessors

  2. The chairperson and the deputy chairperson are authorized to represent the association independently. They are also authorized to grant individual power of representation to members of the Board of Directors in certain areas.

  3. The election shall be held in the above order.

  4. A maximum gender quota of 70% applies to the Executive Board. Candidates are only elected if this quota is met. If the quota is not met, the candidates of the overrepresented gender are elected in the first ballot only up to their maximum quota of 70%. The candidates of the underrepresented gender are only elected insofar as they achieve at least the same number of votes as the first non-elected candidate of the overrepresented group. In order to comply with this rule, positions may remain unfilled and can be re-elected at any time by a general meeting.

  5. The board of directors is elected by the general meeting for a period of 1 year. It remains in office beyond the aforementioned term until the election of a new board. Re-election is possible.

  6. If a board member leaves the board prematurely, the remaining board is authorized to distribute the tasks and responsibilities to the remaining board.

  7. Amendments to the Articles of Association that are suggested or demanded by authorities or courts may be decided by the Executive Board on its own initiative.

  • 9 General meeting
  1. The general meeting is to be convened once a year.

  2. Extraordinary General Meetings shall be convened if the interest of the Association requires it or if 20% percent of the members request the convening in writing from the Executive Board, stating the reasons.

  3. The general meeting shall be convened by the chairperson or, if the chairperson is prevented from doing so, by the deputy chairperson in writing or by e-mail, observing a notice period of 2 weeks. The items on the agenda decided by the Executive Board must be stated.

  4. Any General Meeting duly convened shall constitute a quorum irrespective of the number of members present.

  5. The General Meeting shall adopt its resolutions by a majority of the valid votes cast.

  6. A majority of 2/3 of the votes cast is required for amendments to the Articles of Association.

  7. The general meeting including the elections can take place in digital form.


  • 10 Certification of the resolutions

Minutes are to be taken of the resolutions passed at the board meetings and general meetings. The minutes shall be signed by the chairperson of the meeting and the keeper of the minutes, each of whom shall be appointed by a simple majority at the general meeting.

  • 11 Patents

If patent applications result from the work of the association, the rights shall pass to the association. Any income arising therefrom may only be used for purposes in accordance with the Articles of Association.

  • 12 Privacy

Further details are regulated in the privacy policy.

  • 13 Cash audit
  1. The general meeting elects two auditors for a period of one year.

  2. These may not be members of the Board of Management.

  3. Re-election is permitted.

  4. If the Board is to be discharged, a cash audit report must be submitted to the General Meeting one week before it convenes.

  • 14 Dissolution of the association

  1. In the event of dissolution of the Association, an extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened. The only item on the agenda of this general meeting may be the dissolution of the association and the related resolutions. A 3/4 majority of the valid votes cast is required for dissolution.

  2. In the event of the dissolution of the Association or in the event of the discontinuation of tax-privileged purposes, the assets of the Association shall fall to

    1. to TechAachen e.V. (Templergraben 55, 52062 Aachen; tax number 201/5917/4188 or 201/5903/5578), which must use it directly and exclusively for charitable purposes;

    2. to a legal entity under public law or another tax-privileged corporation for use for a charitable purpose, e.g. the promotion of science and research, education, popular and vocational training, the support of persons who are in need within the meaning of § 53 AO due to need.


  • 15 Other

Insofar as no special provisions have been made in these Articles of Association, sections 21 to 79 of the German Civil Code apply.

The Articles of Association were established on 05.05.2021.